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Home page redesign (Sept 2023)

Hello, dear customers and fellow space and car enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce a stunning makeover of our home page that reflects the essence of our unique products. We've waved goodbye to the generic t-shirt and kids' imagery, and instead, we've embraced our passion for everything car and space-related. Let us take you on a journey through the exciting changes we've made to our website.

A Remarkable Visual Transformation

Our new home page is a visual feast for anyone with a love for fast cars and the mysteries of the cosmos. We've replaced the generic t-shirt and kids' images with captivating visuals that capture the heart and soul of our brand. Now, when you visit our website, you'll be greeted by the thrill of race cars speeding down the track and the futuristic wonder of a space shuttle soaring through the stars. These new visuals perfectly encapsulate the spirit of our products and what we stand for.

Shop with Ease - Now with Two Equal Options

We've also streamlined your shopping experience. Instead of a single Call to Action (CTA) button that directed you to our toddler tee collection, we now offer two equally placed buttons for you to choose from. Whether you're shopping for your kids or looking to treat yourself (or your dad) to some out-of-this-world apparel, you can make your selection effortlessly.

Shifting Focus to Product Highlights

We've reimagined how we showcase our product collections. The collections listing has been removed from our home page, making it cleaner and more focused. However, don't worry! You can still easily find all our collections in the menu. In place of the old collections list, we now offer you a curated selection of product highlights. These highlight the best items from each of our collections, making it easier for you to explore our diverse range of space and car-themed apparel.

Embracing Our Diverse Range

We know that some of you have a soft spot for our Rainbow and Unicorn collection. However, due to template limitations and our desire to emphasize our car and space-themed products, we've shifted the focus on the home page. But fear not! You can still access it through the menu.

One-Click Shopping

To enhance your shopping experience, we've added purchase buttons to our product highlight section. This means you can add your favorite items to your cart with just one click. It's now more convenient than ever to snag your dream space or car-themed attire.

Visual Inspiration at the Bottom

Finally, we've relocated our gallery from the Journal/Blog section to the bottom of the home page. Now, you can enjoy a visual treat and find inspiration at the end of your browsing journey.

These changes have been carefully considered to create a more compelling and immersive experience for you, our valued customers. We hope the new design makes it clearer than ever what our store is all about and the fantastic range of products we have to offer.

Thank you for being part of our journey as we revamp and reinvigorate our website. We invite you to explore our new home page and discover the world of space and speed with us. Happy shopping!

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