Formula One phone case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

A Tough Case Against Thinborne - Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Dinner at a swanky restaurant, a new iPhone in the family, and a stark realization about my outdated Samsung S10 camera – the scene was set for a tech upgrade. Cue the Black Friday sales, and I found myself on Samsung's website, swiftly ordering the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra. The next logical step? A killer case.

With no existing case for the Samsung in our collection, I decided to get creative. Fresh off designing graphics for a Formula One crew, I infused those elements into a new case. While my custom creation was in the works, I snagged four different cases from for an imminent Monster Truck show. One of them stood out, but ultimately, I returned to my own design after a week. Here's the lowdown on both contenders, and spoiler alert – perfection eluded them both.

Enter the Thinborne – precision at its finest, with fit and finish that baffled my wife and me as we struggled to take it off after install for a solid 10 minutes. This slim marvel might lack in drop impact protection, but it compensates with a velvety texture that prevents pocket slips. The camera lens area acts as a stealthy pocket anchor. Sleek, thin, and Magsafe compatible for a few extra bucks – an enticing offer for the magnet aficionados out there.


- Razor-thin profile
- Luxurious feel with carbon fiber texture
- Pocket-friendly and stays put
- Camera lens protection on point
- Magsafe compatibility for the magnet mavens

- Limited drop protection
- Uneven tabletop lay

Thinborne phone case - frontThinborne phone case - sideThinborne phone case - inside frontSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Thinborne caseSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Thinborne caseSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Thinborne case

Next up, the Tough case, arriving with a graphic punch that put my custom creation to the test. The stark contrast to Thinborne was immediate. This dual-layered champ boasts a graphic shell and a soft rubber inner layer, combining aesthetics with a robust build. While bulkier than its competitor, the 1mm raise on the top and bottom saves your screen from a table-to-face connection. A flat case back ensures a standard table lay, a feature missed by the Thinborne.

Initially skeptical about the touch sensitivity of its power and volume buttons, my concerns dissipated after a day of use. However, a unique exposure detail surfaced – unlike most cases, the Tough case leaves the lens area bare, showcasing your phone's color choice. A visual treat if you've picked a winner, but perhaps not ideal if you didn't.

One hiccup: the magnetic mount struggle. The solution? A clever tip from my wife – sandwich the metal plate between the case layers. Voila, my phone is now securely attached to the magnetic mount, crisis averted.

Tough Case:
product link

- Top-notch drop protection
- Graphic flair for F1 fans
- Table-friendly flat back

- Slightly bulky
- Potential pocket slippage
- Non-magnetic mount design

In conclusion, both have their strengths and weaknesses. My verdict? Happy with the upgrade and my personal case creation. Until next time, tech enthusiasts!

F1 Tough Case for S23 UltraFormula 1 Tough Case for Galaxy S23 UltraFormula 1 Tough Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra - bottomFormula 1 Tough Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra - buttonsSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Tough case - frontSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Tough case - camera lensSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Tough case - camera lensSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Tough case - bottomSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Tough case - topSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with Tough case - edge

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