sideway view of matte version of Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Formula one edition

A Brief Comparison of Glossy and Matte version of the Tough Case

Today, I want to delve into a brief comparison between two variations of Tough Case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy – one featuring a glossy finish and the other matte.

The glossy finish undeniably captures attention with its vibrant sheen, elevating the colors to a new level. However, it's not without its quirks – the glossy surface is reflective, occasionally diverting attention from the intricate graphics. In contrast, the matte finish exudes a more subdued elegance, resembling a painting without the glass frame. At certain angles, the matte version tends to appear more white.

Beyond appearance, the tactile experience is a factor to consider in choosing the right case. Initially, the matte case feels softer, offering a comfortable grip. Meanwhile, the glossy case has a polished feel, though both surfaces can be a bit slippery with very dry hands. Interestingly, the glossy case becomes more grippy if your hands are slightly moist.

Ultimately, the choice between glossy and matte finishes boils down to personal taste. Whether you prioritize the visual allure of the glossy finish or appreciate the subtle elegance of the matte counterpart, both versions have their unique charm. Consider your preferences and priorities to find the perfect companion for your daily adventures.

side by side of the matte and glossy finished phone case
side by side comparison, at the light reflection, of the two Tough Case

Product links:

 Tough Case for iPhone® - Ad Astra

Tough case for Samsung® - Formula 1

Tough case for Samsung® - Ad Astra

Tough Case for iPhone® - Formula 1


UPDATE: May 28th, 2024
My Kitchen stove top and the phone+case had an argument, and the phone won.

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